I just got back from trekking in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. I’ve already written a detailed travel guide to the Wakhan Corridor. Check it out if you’re planning a trip to the region.

While I was trekking in the Little Pamir, I learned that the Afghan government is building a new road there. The ultimate goal is to connect Sarhad-e-Broghil to the Little Pamir, and then connect the Little Pamir with the Wakhjir Pass (border with China).

Land cruiser in the Little Pamir
Land cruiser in the Little Pamir

I was on my way from Bozai Gumbaz to Chaqmaqtin Lake when I had a bit of a shock – there was a white land cruiser heading my way. At first, I thought I was hallucinating – I didn’t think there was any way a vehicle could get to the Little Pamir?

When they’d caught up to me, they invited me in and offered to give me a lift to Chaqmaqtin. I got in, and started asking some questions.

Chaqmaqtin Lake
Construction vehicles driving by Chaqmaqtin Lake

Firstly – where had they come from? Turns out there is a land border between Tajikistan and the Little Pamir, accessed from Murghab on the Tajik side. This border crossing is currently open only to Afghan/Tajik citizens, from what I understand.

The dudes in the car were Afghan engineers from other parts of Badakshan Province. They’d been sent to do some surveying on building a road to connect Sarhad-e-Broghil to Bozai Gumbaz. They were very friendly, and we went fishing at Chaqmaqtin Lake together.

Fishing at Chaqmaqtin Lake
Fishing with the engineers at Chaqmaqtin Lake

We then parted ways, and they invited me to stay at their camp near Bozai Gumabaz on my way back to Sarhad-e-Broghil.

A couple days later I was at their camp. It consisted of a few tents, some excavators, and a dump truck.

I spent the night with them and learned some more. They’d already finished building a dirt track from Bozai Gumbaz to Kash Goz, and were surveying the route from Kash Goz to Borak. They’re hoping to have the road built in a few years.

Road in the Little Pamir
Road from Bozai Gumbaz to Kash Goz

I’m assuming that after they’ve connected Sarhad and the Little Pamir, they’ll build a road up the Wakhjir Valley to the border with China.

They also told me that they had a second crew of surveyors staying near Sarhad. This crew was working on building a road to Pakistan via Broghil Pass.

If a road connecting Sarhad and the Little Pamir ends up being built, it will definitely change the allure of trekking to this remote area. I’m glad I was able to visit this pristine area before Chinese trucks start rolling through.

Excavator in the Little Pamir

Have you been to the Little Pamir post July 2019? I’m keen to hear any updates you might have about the roadworks going on there. Give me an update in the comments if you’ve got one!

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